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New Brother Education Week

Author: Samantha Harris/Monday, March 28, 2016/Categories: New Member Development, Service to Community, Chapter Development, North Carolina

The North Carolina Chapter of Alpha Zeta had the pleasure of adding seven new Brothers to our chapter this semester. Each candidate went through the same traditions as all the Brothers before them and learned a great deal about our chapter, our state's agriculture and Alpha Zeta. We started the week with retreat which allows the bigs to bond with their little and for the candidates to get to know each other as a candidate class. We all participated in a service project the next morning doing odd-jobs around the camp which really helped the owner/director out in preparation for this summer. As we continued through the week the candidates went through a multitude of ceremonies and learned about the love that we as brothers have for this fraternity and for each other. These seven Brothers are all dedicated and passionate individuals who are going to excel in Alpha Zeta and continue to promote agriculture!

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