Alpha Zeta Foundation

The Alpha Zeta Foundation exists to support the activities, programs and efforts of the Fraternity. The Foundation's objectives run parallel to the Fraternity: To establish scholarships, fellowships, internships, matching grant funds and other awards and grants designed to promote, foster and encourage quality leadership, character development and high ethical standards among persons entering, attending or associated with agricultural programs. 

To develop, promote, foster and encourage agricultural career awareness and leadership programs for superior university students and graduates. 

To accept, receive and acquire by gift, devise, bequest, purchase or any other lawful means, any property or assets or interest therein, and manage the same either in trust, in accordance with any lawful conditions, uses or restrictions placed thereon by the transfer. 

To buy, hold, own, improve, manage, operate, lease, sell, convey, and in every way deal with real estate and personal property, and any interest therein of whatever kind, for the purpose stated herein. To invest and reinvest the money and property of this Corporation, and to do any act designed to protect, preserve, improve or enhance the value of the property of the Corporation. 

Giving to the Alpha Zeta Foundation 

There are many ways students, alumni, family and friends can support Alpha Zeta. Making a donation to the Alpha Zeta Foundation is one. You can make a pledge or donation online. 

Establishing a planned gift is another way to leave a legacy for future leaders in agriculture. Join other Alpha Zeta luminaries by securing your place in the Harvester's Circle

Investment Policy 

The Alpha Zeta Foundation has taken steps to ensure planned gifts will be handled under a prudent, conservative strategy with a focus on maintaining and growing the principal in perpetuity. A detailed investment policy for planned gifts was drafted and approved by the Board of Directors in November 2005. 

AZFI Investment Policy (12K PDF)

Board of Directors Roster

Ole Meland, President

Todd Higgins, Vice President 

Weston McCorkle, Treasurer 

Catherine Johnson*

Tyler Noyes

Ricki Schroeder*

George Stack*

*High Council Representative to the Foundation Board of Directors 


Alpha Zeta Foundation
P.O. Box 3331
Paducah, KY  42002