About Alpha Zeta

Alpha Zeta is an honorary, professional society for students and industry professionals in the agriculture and natural resources fields. Founded in 1897 at Ohio State University, Alpha Zeta is the first and oldest collegiate society for agriculture. Today, Alpha Zeta has more than 125,000 alumni and more than 500 student members from chapters at 20 colleges and universities.

Members include several former secretaries of agriculture; a Nobel Laureate; several U.S. Senators and Congressmen; prominent leaders throughout national, state and local government; CEOs of major agricultural companies; cutting edge researchers and more. The Centennial Honor Roll, named in 1997, recognizes many of Alpha Zeta's most respected alumni.

Differences between the Fraternity and Foundation

Fraternity of Alpha Zeta

When you pay student membership dues, you are supporting the operations of the Fraternity - member relations, chapter development, bookkeeping, database maintenance, and other day-to-day functions. 

Alpha Zeta Foundation

Whereas the Fraternity operates programs and administers the day-to-day business, the Foundation provides the funding for programs such as the National Alpha Zeta Scholars and leadership development and educational programs.

The Alpha Zeta Foundation was established in 1984 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational foundation dedicated to supporting the objectives of the Fraternity of Alpha Zeta. Gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible.The Foundation accepts donations (via check and credit card) and planned gifts of cash, stock, real estate, life insurance and annuities.