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{The Keys} to Success: Spring Break Brother Bonding

{The Keys} to Success: Spring Break Brother Bonding

Author: Jennifer Glass/Tuesday, March 15, 2016/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog, New Member Development, Promotion of Agriculture, Service to Community, Chapter Development, Fellowship, Florida

Bright in early on the first Saturday of our spring break, the Florida Chapter loaded up the van to head to Key West to work with the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. We collected over 2,400 pounds of plastic from the islands and beaches this year!!! Such an outstanding feat could only be accomplished with a group of people that love and appreciate each other. One of the things that I love about going on our spring break service trip is being broken up into a smaller group of brothers and really getting to build one-on-one relationships with them. While being together for a whole week, we all make the best of friendships that will truly last a lifetime. From the simple routines of the house, like cooking, cleaning, and organizing shower schedules to our free-time activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and visiting the southernmost point; there is never a spare moment where we aren't bonding with our new friends. For the past three years, I have cherished the moments that I have spent with my brothers in the Keys, especially sharing my love of the ocean with the newbies! This trip is something I will truly miss once I graduate! Thank you Brooke for taking the reins this year, and Katie for agreeing to continue the tradition in the future! You all are my "One Human Family" <3

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David Headley

3/17/2016 8:56 AM

What a great way to spend Spring break in serve!

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