Meet the 2023-2025 High Council

High Chancellor George Stack

In the small town of Ballston Spa, NY, George Stack grew up amidst the sprawling fields of his family's Christmas tree farm. Little did he know that his passion for plants would lead him on an extraordinary journey. 2016 George joined the Cornell Chapter, igniting his curiosity for agriculture. After graduating with a B.S. in Plant Science in 2019, he continued his academic pursuit and recently completed his Ph.D. in Plant Breeding and Genetics at Cornell. Now, as a postdoc at Cornell AgriTech in Geneva, NY, George's expertise in plant science has garnered attention.

George's qualifications for the position of High Chancellor are commendable. He served as the Chancellor of the Cornell Chapter for two years, displaying exceptional leadership skills. Additionally, he became a new member educator, guiding and inspiring the fraternity's newest members. In 2021, George was elected to the High Council, assuming the position of High Scribe for two years. During his tenure as High Scribe, he played an instrumental role in organizing the highly anticipated 2023 AZ Summit and Biennial Conclave, leaving an indelible mark on the fraternity.

George's passion shines through when asked about his interest in a volunteer position on the Alpha Zeta High Council. Alpha Zeta had been a transformative experience for him during his college years, broadening his perspective on agriculture and providing him with invaluable opportunities. He gained new skills, had remarkable experiences, and formed lifelong friendships through this fraternity. George's decision to volunteer on the High Council is rooted in his desire to give back to the fraternity that shaped his path, ensuring that future Alpha Zetans have the same opportunities that propelled him forward.

As George serves as High Chancellor, the Alpha Zeta fraternity can expect a leader who understands the transformative power of the organization. With his extensive qualifications, unwavering dedication, and heartfelt desire to give back, George is poised to guide the fraternity toward a future brimming with growth, innovation, and camaraderie.

Location: Geneva, NY
Term Expires: March 2025


High Censor Ricki S. Schroeder

Hailing from the tranquil landscapes of rural northwest Oklahoma, Ricki Schroeder is High Censor of Alpha Zeta, adding another chapter to his remarkable journey of leadership and service. With his deep-rooted passion for agriculture, Ricki has emerged as a prominent figure in the fraternity, leaving an indelible mark on Alpha Zeta's legacy.

Ricki's love for agriculture was nurtured on the small farm of his childhood, where he developed an unwavering commitment to the industry. His journey in leadership and service began through his active participation in the renowned Oklahoma 4-H program, where he honed his skills and discovered his true calling. Next, Ricki embarked on his academic journey at Oklahoma State University (OSU), carrying his fervor for agriculture, leadership, and service.

During his time at OSU, Ricki's involvement with Alpha Zeta, the premier honor society for agricultural and natural resource students, became a cornerstone of his college experience. He served as the Censor and Co-Censor of the Oklahoma Chapter, contributing to the growth and success of the fraternity at a local level. Ricki's dedication to leadership and collaboration also led him to co-chair the 2017 National Agricultural Leadership Conference Planning Committee, an experience that paved the way for his High Council service.

Upon graduating from OSU with dual degrees in Agribusiness and Agricultural Leadership, Ricki's passion for agricultural policy led him to the bustling city of Washington, D.C. Currently serving as Legislative Assistant & Coalitions Coordinator at the House Committee on Agriculture, under the leadership of Ranking Member K. Michael Conaway, Ricki is making significant strides in shaping agricultural policies that impact the nation.

Ricki's exceptional qualifications and expertise have not gone unnoticed. He served as the High Chancellor from 2021 through 2023, a testament to his remarkable leadership skills and commitment to the fraternity's vision. His invaluable contributions to the High Council were further evident in his pivotal role in planning and conducting the recent AZ Summit and Biennial Conclave, leaving a lasting impression on Alpha Zeta.

As Ricki serves as High Censor, Alpha Zeta can anticipate a leader who embodies the spirit of service, dedication, and innovation. With his extensive experience in agriculture, leadership, and policymaking, Ricki is well-positioned to guide the fraternity toward new horizons of growth and excellence. The fraternity can look forward to Ricki's visionary leadership, ensuring that Alpha Zeta remains at the forefront of empowering future agricultural leaders.

Location: Washington, DC
Term Expires: March 2025


High Treasurer Catherine Johnson

Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, Catherine Johnson is the fraternity's High Treasurer. As a highly motivated professional in the regulatory field with a deep-rooted passion for ensuring safety and compliance in the agriculture industry, Catherine brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to her new position.

Catherine's qualifications for the role of High Treasurer are impressive. She joined the Delaware Chapter of Alpha Zeta at the University of Delaware in the spring of 2018, where she actively contributed to the fraternity's activities. Serving two school-year terms as the social chair, Catherine skillfully organized events and fostered a sense of camaraderie within her pledge class. Alongside her involvement with Alpha Zeta, Catherine held various leadership positions, including Ag Ambassador, National Agri-Marketing Association competition team member, World Scholar, and Water Polo Club Team president.

During her undergraduate years, Catherine gained practical experience in the agricultural sector. She worked as a student milker at the university's dairy farm and as a research assistant in agricultural economics. Additionally, she spent four years as a research technician at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center Animal Model Core-Comparative Orthopedic Research Lab, showcasing her commitment to expanding her knowledge and skills.

Catherine's dedication to Alpha Zeta and her desire to give back to the fraternity led her to join the High Council in and to serve as the High Chronicler for 2021-2023. Recognizing the significant impact Alpha Zeta had on her personal and professional growth as a student of agriculture, she is eager to contribute to the development of current Alpha Zeta students through her role on the High Council.

Catherine is a Senior Analyst contracted to FMC Corporation's global registration department. In addition to her professional responsibilities, Catherine dedicates part-time hours to Quality Control at the University of Pennsylvania's NBC AMC-CORL, further expanding her experience in the field.

As Catherine serves as High Treasurer, Alpha Zeta can expect a dedicated leader who is deeply committed to the fraternity's mission and values. With her extensive qualifications, unwavering dedication, and passion for safety and compliance, Catherine is well-positioned to significantly impact Alpha Zeta's financial operations. The fraternity can look forward to Catherine's exemplary leadership, fostering growth, accountability, and continued success.

Location: Newark, DE
Term Expires: March 2025

High Scribe Regan Mitchem

Hailing from Raleigh, NC, Regan Mitchem brings a wealth of agricultural knowledge and a deep-rooted passion for livestock to her new role as High Scribe. Growing up on her family's diverse farm, which produces row crops, commercial fruit and raises beef cattle, Regan developed an early fascination with the world of livestock. Her childhood was filled with years of competitive livestock showing and judging, honing her skills and fueling her passion.

Regan's academic achievements are equally impressive. She recently graduated from North Carolina State University (NCSU) and holds two degrees - one in Animal Science and another in Nutrition Science. Her commitment to learning and expanding her knowledge in agriculture will continue as she embarks on her journey to attend the prestigious NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine this fall.

Regan's qualifications for the position of High Scribe are noteworthy. Her journey with Alpha Zeta began in the spring of 2020, and since then, she has immersed herself in various leadership roles within the fraternity. Notably, she served as the Scribe and Chancellor of the North Carolina Chapter, showcasing her dedication and organizational skills. Additionally, she held the positions of secretary and president of the NC Jr. Hereford Association, further highlighting her leadership abilities and commitment to the agricultural community.

Regan's passion for the fraternity and her desire to make a meaningful impact shine through. Her leadership of the North Carolina chapters efforts to host the 2023 AZ Summit and Biennial Conclave, working closely with the High Council and the Natinal Office, allowed her to gain insight into the organization's inner workings and foster connections with chapters nationwide. This experience sparked her interest in serving other chapters and contributing to the growth and success of Alpha Zeta as a whole.

Location: Raleigh, NC
Term Expires: March 2027

High Chronicler Kasandra Camejo

Meet Kasandra Camejo, the High Chronicler of Alpha Zeta. With a bachelor’s degree in wildlife Ecology and Conservation from the University of Florida, Kasandra's passion for wildlife education and animal care has paved the way for her journey in the fraternity.

Kasandra's commitment to Alpha Zeta was unwavering during her time at the University of Florida. She joined the fraternity in her freshman year and quickly took on leadership roles, serving as her pledge class social chair and later as Social Chair, Censor, and Chancellor. Her dedication and involvement have given her an in-depth understanding of the fraternity's goals and inner workings.

Alpha Zeta played a pivotal role in shaping Kasandra's college experience, becoming the most important part of her journey. When she discovered the available positions on the High Council, she eagerly seized the opportunity to continue her involvement with the fraternity. With a deep desire to see Alpha Zeta thrive on college campuses nationwide, Kasandra sought the role of High Chronicler, aiming to ensure that future students have the same remarkable experiences she enjoyed.

Beyond her dedication to Alpha Zeta, Kasandra is actively engaged in wildlife advocacy. Working with a team of ambassador animals at a wildlife rehabilitation center in South Florida, she has the privilege of educating the public about wildlife and caring for these precious creatures. Her passion for wildlife conservation and education shines through in her work, exemplifying her commitment to positively impacting the world around her.

As Kasandra serves as High Chronicler, Alpha Zeta can expect a dedicated leader who brings a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted love for the fraternity. With her wildlife conservation background and intimate knowledge of Alpha Zeta's inner workings, Kasandra is poised to continue advancing the fraternity's mission and expanding its presence on college campuses. The fraternity can look forward to Kasandra's exceptional leadership, fostering a sense of unity, growth, and inspiration among Alpha Zetans across the country.

Location: Miami, FL
Term Expires: March 2027

Student Representative Joseph Foy

Joseph Foy is the Student Representative on the Alpha Zeta High Council. A senior in Mechanical Engineering at North Carolina State University (NCSU), Joseph hails from the vibrant town of Goldsboro, NC. Fueled by a passion for hands-on creation and an adventurous spirit, he finds solace in outdoor pursuits like fishing, hiking, and backpacking. Furthermore, Joseph proudly embraces his lifelong love for Star Wars, a fandom that has captivated him since his early years.

Joseph's qualifications for the position are exceptional. He has held significant leadership roles within his home Alpha Zeta chapter, including Service Chair, Censor, and his current position as Chancellor. Through his experiences as an intern and full-time employee in various companies, Joseph has honed his presentation and communication skills, adeptly relaying feedback and information between diverse groups. Additionally, his role as an orientation leader for incoming NCSU freshmen has strengthened his ability to foster effective collaboration and bridge differences among team members.

Motivated by his deep connection to the fraternity and a desire to give back, Joseph chose to pursue a volunteer position on the Alpha Zeta High Council. Representing the North Carolina Chapter at Conclave provided him with invaluable insight into the operations and needs of the High Council. With Alpha Zeta holding a special place in his family's history—his parents having been part of the NC Chapter during their college years—Joseph has received numerous friendships and professional opportunities from the fraternity. He firmly believes that Alpha Zeta has exceeded his expectations, motivating him to express his gratitude through dedicated service to the organization and its members.

Joseph Foy's service as the High Council Student Representative signifies the convergence of his engineering acumen and leadership skills. With a fervor for creating and an appreciation for the great outdoors, he brings a distinctive perspective to the table. In his role, Joseph is committed to strengthening the fraternity's bonds, ensuring the well-being of its members, and contributing to its sustained success. With unwavering dedication and infectious enthusiasm, Joseph Foy is poised to make a lasting impact on Alpha Zeta, fostering a thriving community for its student members.

Location: Goldsboro, NC
Term Expires: March 2025

Alumni Representative Valerie Weisbeck

Valerie Weisbeck's unwavering dedication and hard work have earned her the position of Alumni Representative on the Alpha Zeta High Council. As a skilled leader and effective communicator, Valerie brings a vibrant and enthusiastic spirit to every group she joins. Her commitment to excellence ensures that tasks are not only completed but done right, leaving a lasting impact.

Valerie's journey with Alpha Zeta began when she joined the Cornell Chapter in Spring 2017. After graduating in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science and Developmental Sociology, Valerie's leadership qualities were quickly recognized within the chapter. She served as the recruitment chair for multiple semesters, playing a pivotal role in expanding and strengthening the Cornell Chapter. In addition, Valerie actively participated in various committees, further contributing to the fraternity's growth and success. Even after graduation, Valerie continued her academic pursuits, earning a master’s degree in urban planning with a specialization in food systems. She remained an engaged and active alumna throughout this time, maintaining strong connections with the Cornell Chapter's current members.

Valerie's passion for Alpha Zeta and her desire to give back led her to accept the role of Alumni Representative on the High Council. Building a sense of community within the Cornell Chapter and forging valuable connections with other campus organizations and alumni during her active years fueled Valerie's excitement to expand her impact on the fraternity. In her new position, Valerie aims to translate her experience into providing support and guidance to chapters and Alpha Zetans across the country. By fostering unity and utilizing her communication skills, she intends to strengthen the fraternity's bonds and ensure the success of its members.

Valerie Weisbeck's service on the High Council as Alumni Representative reflects her exceptional leadership abilities and genuine commitment to the Alpha Zeta community. With her vibrant energy and unwavering dedication, Valerie is poised to make a meaningful difference in the fraternity, supporting chapters and empowering Alpha Zetans on their journeys. Her passion for unity and her drive to enhance the fraternity's experience are the driving forces behind her work, as she works tirelessly to create a solid and supportive network for all.

Location: Buffalo, NY
Term Expires: March 2025