We would like to thank the individuals who generously support the foundation.  Their contributions fund the activities, programs and efforts of the Fraternity through many avenues including establishing scholarships, fellowships, internships and matching grant funds.  


2017 General Fund Donors

Dennis Cannon
James Carpenter
Erwin Clark
Richard Criley
Gale Hankins
Palmer Holden
George Holder
Keith Huffman
Robert McCorkle
Mark McKean
John Noyes
Deborah Remer
Chris Rufer
Carmen Sandretto
Leonard Singhose
Francis Trafidlo, Jr.
Fred Vahle
Neil Van Sloun
Kenneth Volkman
William Way III
George Wiggans
Gary Wing
Donald Wood
Boyd Woodruff


2017 Leadership Development Fund Donors

Michael Borel
Richard Church
Maurice Cook
Gale Hankins
George Holder
Robert McCorkle
Deborah Remer
Rich Rominger
Patrick Scheetz
Donald Schriver
Ronald Seibel
Bruce Widger
George Wiggans

2017 Morrill Fund Donors

Linda Morrow

Updated 2017
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